Fulfillment company

by admin on February 9, 2011

A fulfillment company warehouse is probably one of the most important missing pieces in the success of any company. What would life be without logistics? What would a business be without warehousing?
Why is fulfillment center such a big deal in a business

Well it makes no sense right now. Let’s make some sense of it. What if it meant that good warehousing would mean an increase in profits? Aha! the mullah flowing in and the interest in warehousing is increased. Well good logistics can result in as much a good percentage of higher profits.

Talking about Drop360, well this is a company that is Health Canada recognized. It has an area of more than a ten thousand square feet. There is more space for drop shipping and transport of logistics. Now that sounds good right? Well if this missing piece is taken and included in your business it means higher better and hugher profits than you can ever imagine.

Now lets look at more. They also have an offering of free storage space for all fulfillment and drop shipping services and also offer long term storage solutions at discounted rates.

Can you trust them?
Good question. Well they have tie ups and partnerships with leaders like UPS, Fedex, Sameday Worldwide, KIngsway, Canada Post to beat competition in terms of pricing and value to end customer. In terms of numbers well here are some mind boggling figures. 1.2 million orders, with 147,000 satisfied customers just last year alone. NOW that is a BIG DEAL!


weather phenomena

by kestari.lee on August 20, 2010

All temperatures across the united states fall by at least 20 degrees F, and this effect persists for at least the next 18 months. But I leave the invitation open for the entire world to experience these shifts too if that is the divine order.

Were there is a 100 let there be 80, where there is a 60 let it be a 40, where there is an 85 let it be a 65. And yes where there is a 15 let it be a -5.

I have the power to control and influence the weather and im putting that power into action to balance out the effects of global warming. No really, I do, the work I did last year created the so-called “snowmageddon” and although I didn’t necessarily intend for those results it was a stunning achievement.

Now im going to be a little more specific with my Miniature Ice Age, instead of just thinking about ice. At the same time, may all the farmers still meet with success in planting and harvesting their crops. We can have both at the same time.


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Financial prosperity

by shettiam on August 20, 2010

It feels wonderful to make profits .It gives me joy to hold


Payment Towards a new home

by shettiam on August 20, 2010

I have met Mr James Balasundaram with my father.He have finalised the deal for the huse number B14,Lotus CHS Ltd,Sector 7,Plot No 8,Airoli,Navi Mumbai 400708.

I have paid a token amount of Rs 30000 to Mr James Balasundaram who has accepted the amount happily.

My father and I are extremely happy and contedned with the deal.We are smiling and informing en\veryone about the successful deal.

Thank you God,thank you Universe ,Thank you Mr James Balasundram and his family for making this deal.


Accepted Rupees 30000

by shettiam on August 20, 2010

Mr James Balsundaram has accepted Rupees 30000 from me as a token amount towards selling off his flat number B 14,Lotus Chs Ltd,Sector 7,plot Number 8,Airoli ,Navi Mumbai ,India.

My father and I are extremely delighted with this deal.

Thank you lord ,Thank You Universe.

Amit Shetti


Manifestation of new home

by shettiam on August 20, 2010

I have met Mr James Balasundram ,he has greed to give the house to us.His family has decided to give the house to us.

It is a wonderful joyful feeling of owning a beautiful house.

I have made financial arrangements to get the deal sealed.I
have informed my neighbours that i have bought a new house
in Lotus CHS’s B wing.


Activate your Intuition – Freepad.net Recommendation

by admin on June 25, 2010

I have just come across a fascinating little book called Ask Your Inner Voice.

How would you like to get “gut feelings” for exactly what to do to easily move toward your business goals? What would your life be like if you started receiving strong and accurate inner guidance on the important decisions in your life, like decisions about career changes, relationships, and financial matters? How much fun would it be to have an inner voice that you trusted on everyday decisions, and to have it lead you with coincidence and serendipity to exactly where you wanted to be in life? How satisfying would it be for your inner wisdom to guide you to immediate and lasting improvements in your relationships?

Ask Your Inner Voice shows how to do all of that and much more by laying out the simple secrets people throughout history, and people alive today, have learned to use to call on their inner voice just when they need it. Ask Your Inner Voice shows through true inner voice stories the proven steps to connecting with your inner wisdom, and each chapter ends with a “How To” section providing simple, “Try It” exercises that you can use to tap into those aspects of your own inner voice.

I think this is one book well worth reading. If you order the book through the web site http://activateintuition.com/launch-special, you also get a free gift of a companion Workbook.

Check it out at http://activateintuition.com/launch-special.


10 Things I Love About______________

by admin on June 24, 2010

TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT_____________________ (name anybody who you are having a problem with) and look at the way things change in the next few days.


Money,Money Everywhere

by Capris on June 24, 2010

I have so much money.


she spent the entire day with me today :)

by arsey1009 on June 17, 2010

I am so thankful and grateful to that today she spent the entire day with me :D exams are really close so we can’t really go out, but i’m really really grateful and thankful that we could still spend time together :) and i am so thankful and grateful for all the love that has happened between us today and i could sense that the love was really strong and resilient :)

she asked me on a study date earlier this morning

her (texting):  Haha GOOD MOOORNINGG MY DARLINGG SWEETHEARTTT!! :D Hehe im feeling a little bored today so can you please accompany me todayyyy pretty please with a cherry on top? :D :D  can you please study with me today? :D Hehe and I LOOOVEE YOUUU!!! <3

me: Heyhey GOOD MORNING SWEEETHEARTTT!!! :D  yup of course i’d be able to :D i’ll meet you in school at 11? hahaha and I LOOVEE YOUU TOOO!!!! :D <3

her: YAYYY! THANK YOU SWEETHEARTTTT!!!! :D you are seriously so SWEEET!!!! :D :D can’t wait to meet you later!!! :D although we’re gonna meet in a few hours i’m already starting to miss you real badly D: hehe YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE!!! AND IT’S SOO HARD NOT TO LOOVEE YOUU!!!! :D :D <3 <3

me: hahaha you’re welcome, i’d do anything for you! :D and you are the MOOOST LOOOOVABLE AND ADORABLEEE person ever!!! :D haha and I LOVE YOU TOO! :D <3

so we met up at roughly 11am that day, and we studied together. tried to put my earphones on so that i wouldn’t have the urge to talk to her or engage in small talk, and i tried really hard to concentrate on my work. she looks so beautiful and adorable, sitting next to me concentrating so hard on math. she was soooo delighted when i gave her the pack of haribo gummi bears which i bought from the nearby supermart for her, her smile really really lights my day up and i’m so thankful and grateful for being able to make her smile! :D although she didn’t say it, her eyes told me that she really loved me and i am so thankful and grateful for that :)

roughly two hours later, we went out for lunch, leaving our bags at the benches. we couldn’t really decide where to go to eat, so i told her to make a decision and i’d follow. in the end we went to a nearby cafe for lunch. and we decided to walk there (so i could spend more time with her personally hehe) we talked about small things, i made a couple of jokes and she laughed quite heartily. you have no idea how thankful and grateful i am when i see her smile because of me :) it just lightens my heart and makes me smile widely too :)

during lunch, we sat opposite each other. we ordered the same bowl of noodles because apparently she likes it :D the most heartwarming thing which happened during lunch happened :) my mouth was a little dirtied and she took out some tissue paper, and without any warning, leaned forward to wipe my mouth gently for me. i was, of course a little taken aback by such abruptness, however i was extremely thankful and grateful for her loving gesture. she smiled at me gently after that, as i managed to whisper “thank you”.

after lunch, we went back to school to just study a little more. she got a little tired and so she took a little nap on the bench. i looked at her and saw how she slept. she just looked so innocent and lovable :) i started to feel extremely grateful to the universe for bringing to me such a wonderful girl. i have nothing more to ask for, she is sooo perfect that i am more than content :D i am absolutely thankful and grateful to the universe at the point of time as i felt immense joy and gratitude surge through my body as a smiled continuously to myself :)

at roughly about 5pm, we decided to call it a day and i walked her back home. the most heartmelting happened then. i was talking to her, telling her all about my life experiences and stuff. then i cracked another really random joke and she laughed. i smiled too. then there just was this silence between us for a couple of seconds, and i felt something holding on to my hand. her hand was gently gripping mine, and as a turned to my right to look at her beautiful face, she looked back lovingly into my eyes, those radiant and bg eyes telling me how much she loves me. i felt eternal bliss at that moment as a igripped her hand titghter and never felt like letting go :) it was the first time she has ever held my hand, and i am extrememly thankful and grateful that she held my hand :) time just seemed to stop. there was this immense joy surging through me :) we walked side by side, hand in hand, the entire way to her house. when it was time to part, she looked lovingly let a little dejectedly at me, like a little kid who is about to lose her toy. she wanted to walk me to the bus stop, but i refused.

her(holding onto my hand and pulling me): comeeee!!! lets go i walk you there! (smiling radiantly)

me(resisting): hahaha no need to walk me there! go in before i get mad okay!! (smiling though)

her(holding onto my hand): comeee be fore i get mad too okayyy (pouting childishly)

me: okay okay! you win! (smiling really widely at her and amused by the kiddy side in her)

eventually she walked me there. at the bus stop, as we were about to part, she looked at me, her eyes filled with love, she leaned forward and unexpectedly whispered into my ear “I love you!” and then shyly looked away. i told her openly, “I love you too!” as we waved and parted ways for that day.